We've got some great gear at SparkCC

2D Printers

HP Laserjet CP1025nw color

  • Location: The Clean Room
  • Installation
    • Windows
      1. Download and install Drivers
      2. Choose "connect over network" (not "connect over wireless network")
      3. Choose "select from detected printers"
  • Notes:
    • Sometimes the printer needs to be restarted to connect properly.
    • Hold down the red X button on the top to print a test page including IP address.

3D Printers

Lulzbot TAZ5

  • Induction

Flashforge Creator Pro

  • Induction

CNC Machines

Routing Table

  • Learning

    • This machine requires an Induction before use. Speak to the CNC Meister to arrange.
    • Machine Specific Pre-learning Links:
      • Masso Tutorial Videos provide instruction as to how to use the controller.
        • Key videos to watch:
        • Graphical Interface
        • CNC Machine Tool Height Calibration
        • The Different Types of CNC Alarms
        • How to Set Up and Use Auto Tool Zero by Masso CNC Controller (probably not required unless you're using multiple cutting tools on a job)
    • CNC / CAM Pre-learning Links:
      • [tbc]
  • General CAM setup [WIP]

    • Set reference point (zero point) to be bottom left edge of your work piece
    • General feed / speed for 6mm upcut bit is 1,000mm/sec, 12,000 rpm. Set so you're only removing 3mm of material at a time. This could be 3mm depth for slot cuts (full bit width cut) or 3mm width for edge cuts (full height of material).
  • General checklist [WIP]

    • Ensure machine is clean and clear of obstacles
    • Power on machine
    • Estop check
    • Home machine
    • Check required tool is in spindle
    • Place work piece and anchor down
    • Set zero points (can maybe use touchoff plate for Z???)
    • Load job, start job
    • Attend machine until job is complete, accidents can happen!

Laser Cutter

Thunder Laser Nova 51


  • This machine requires an Induction before use. Speak to the CNC Meister to arrange.
  • Pre-learning Links:
  • Laser Cutting Beginners Guide gives a general overview of laser cutting.
  • Laser Cutter Materials at ATX Hackerspace provides an exhaustive list of materials (be mindful that they have a different cutter to us).

Checklist [WIP]

  • Engage water chiller:
    • Check water level via gauge on back of chiller
    • Top up with distilled water only if required
    • Turn on water chiller
  • Turn on machine (top switch)
  • Turn on laser (bottom switch)
  • Check cutting bed is clear of debris
  • Check material:
  • Focus laser:
    • Loosen laser head lock nut, raise laser head, tighten laser head nozzle nut. This ensures the laser head does not collide with the material.
    • Place material so at least part is in the path of the focus sensors (small black sensors left and right of cutting bed)
    • In Lightburn click Focusand the laser bed will self-focus
    • Place the spacer tool on top of your material and lower the laser head so that it just touches. This should leave a gap of 6mm.
  • Move material to desired job location
  • Double check your job laser intensity and speeds are correct for desired operation (cutting, etching, marking)
  • Check for debris on laser bed
  • Close lid
  • Start job
  • Attend machine until job is complete, fires can happen!

Vinyl Cutter


Power Tools

Hand Tools


Mobile Presentation


CAD Workstation

Learning Workstations



Coffee Machine

Snack Machine

Drink Machine