<!-- TITLE: Guidelines --> <!-- SUBTITLE: What to do (and not to do) at SparkCC --> The [Committee](people#committee) reserves the right to suspend or cancel the SparkCC access of any member found to be in breach of these guidelines. # Tools & Equipment ## Injuries/Incidents * Immediately report __ALL__ accidents, injuries, or incidents to a [Committee Member](people#committee) or [Meister](people#meisters). * Immediately discontinue use of any tool(s) or equipment that become unsafe, damaged, or are not working properly. Report the situation to the appropriate [Meister](people#meisters). ## Safe Conduct * Use the space and equipment safely and leave the space and equipment in clean and working condition. * Work and behave in a way that protects your own safety and the safety of others. * Children under the age of 18 years __must__ be accompanied and supervised by an adult. * Abide by SparkCC and government building, safety, and fire regulations and comply with the rules and regulations of the equipment, whether posted or otherwise imposed by SparkCC. * Do not work with 240V unless you are licensed to do so. ## Preparation * __Safety is your top priority while at SparkCC__. If you are not sure what to do, ask. * Be aware of locations of first aid, fire, and safety equipment. * Never use a tool or piece of equipment unless you understand how to use it safely. Speak to the responsible [Meister](people#meisters) if you are uncertain. * Some tools and equipment __may only be used after completing an induction__. Speak to the responsible [Meister](people#meisters) to become inducted. * Do not climb on furniture. * Do not work when tired or in a hurry. * Do not cause distractions, fool around, or startle anyone while either one of you is using a tool or piece of equipment. ## Attire * Eye protection is recommended at all times and **mandatory in the upstairs workshop areas**. * Hearing protection is recommended in the upstairs work areas. * Wear suitable gloves when handling hot objects or sharp-edged items. * Do not wear loose-fitting clothing around moving or rotating machinery. * Remove ties, jewelry, lanyards, etc., especially around moving or rotating machinery. * Restrain long hair. ## Correct Use * Use tools and equipment as they are designed to be used. * Never use broken tools or equipment. Report any broken tools or equipment to the appropriate [Meister](people#meisters). * Keep fingers clear of the point of operation of machines by using appropriate implements such as push sticks, hooks, pliers, etc. * Do not remove tools or equipment from the Makerspace. * Do not leave powered tools or equipment unattended. * Do not tamper with a tool’s safety features. Operate machinery according to recommended procedures and with safety guards in place, as applicable. ## Cleaning * Clean up after yourself; leave all work areas clean and tidy. * Clean and return all tools to where you got them. * Shut off and unplug machines when cleaning. * Never use a rag near moving machinery. * Use a brush or appropriate implement to remove chips, shavings, etc. from work areas. Never use your hands. * Keep the floor around machinery clean, dry, and free from trip hazards. # Security ## Front door * Access the front door using your swipe card. * Do not hold the door or otherwise allow other people to enter after accessing the front door. ## Front gate * If you are the first to arrive at the space unlock the front gate combination padlock and open both gates. * If you are the last to leave the space *and all neighbouring units are closed* close both gates and lock them using the combination padlock. ## Surveillance * All areas of SparkCC are under 24 hour surveillance. # Food & Drink * Food and beverages are permitted in the chillout and clean workshop areas. * Food and beverages are *not* allowed on the mezzanine. * All cutlery and crockery is to be washed up immediately after use. * All spills and mess are to be cleaned up immediately.