<!-- TITLE: People --> <!-- SUBTITLE: People at SparkCC --> # Committee The *Committee* are responsible for the administration of SparkCC. * __President:__ James Stewart * __Vice President__ Michael Branson * __Treasurer:__ Simon Cartan * __Secretary:__ Scott Picton ## Contact committee@sparkcc.org ## Responsibilities * Finances * Safety * Happiness * Planning # Meisters The *Meisters* are responsible for individual areas of SparkCC. * __3D Printing Meister:__ Eddie L. * __CNC Meister:__ Scott P. * __Electronics Meister:__ Jo M. / Mike B. * __Nommables Meister:__ Joel M. * __Media Meister:__ Dylan W. * __Network Meister:__ Joel M. * __Boneyard Meister:__ Stuart D. * __Learning Meister:__ Simon C. * __Tools Meister:__ Noel P. ## Responsbilities ### 3D Printing Meister * Ensure 3D printers are in working order and regularly maintained. * Organise 3D printing member inductions as required. * Document 3D printers and related information on the [wiki](equipment#3-d-printers). * Restock 3D printing consumables as required. * Ensure 3D printing tools are organised. * Propose new 3D printing equipment acquisitions. ### CNC Meister * Ensure CNC machines ([Routing Table](equipment#routing-table), [Laser Cutter](equipment#laser-cutter) and [Vinyl Cutter](equipment#vinyl-cutter)) are in working order and regularly maintained. * Organise CNC machine member inductions as required. * Document CNC machines and related information on the [wiki](equipment#cnc-machines). * Restock CNC consumables as required. * Ensure CNC machine tools are organised. * Propose new CNC equipment acquisitions. ### Electronics Meister * Ensure Electronics Bench equipment is in working order and regularly maintained. * Organise Electronics Bench member inductions as required. * Document Electronics Bench equipment and related information on the [wiki](equipment#3-d-printers). * Restock Electronics consumables as required. * Ensure Electronics Bench tools are organised. * Propose new Electronics Bench equipment acquisitions. ### Nommables Meister * Purchase food + drinks for Vending Machines. * Ensure Vending Machines are stocked. * Clear cash from Vending Machines. * Propose new Vending Machine acquisitions. ### Media Meister * Develop and maintain SparkCC [website](https://sparkcc.org). * Manage SparkCC [blog](https://blogsparkcc.org) content. * Manage SparkCC social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram). * Manage SparkCC mailing list (MailChimp). * Organise promotion and marketing of SparkCC to: * Attract and retain members. * Promote SparkCC events. * Raise awareness of SparkCC in the wider community. ### Network Meister * Develop and maintain equipment rack. * Develop and maintain internal network. * Ensure reliable external connectivity (NBN). * Ensure security surveillance systems are maintained and operational. ### Boneyard Meister * Ensure boneyard is *(reasonably)* organised. * Dispose of old/unwanted bones as required. ### Learning Meister * Maintain the SparkCC workshop library. * Organise internal and public workshops. * Organise Open Day learning activities. * Propose new workshops to be held at SparkCC. ### Tools Meister * Ensure Hand/Power Tools are in working order and regularly maintained. * Organise Hand/Power Tool member inductions as required. * Document Hand/Power Tools on the [wiki](equipment#tools). * Restock Tool Bench consumables as required. * Ensure Tool Bench and Hand/Power Tools are organised. * Propose new Hand/Power Tool acquisitions. # Gatekeepers The *Gatekeepers* are responsible for the opening and closing SparkCC and general wellbeing of people at the space. ## Gate Policy There are 2 x gates which control access to the Davids Cl complex. Policies for these _**must be adhered to or we risk eviction**_. ### Vehicle Gate * The vehicle gate is a double gate across the front driveway. * It is secured by a padlock with the key held by SparkCC Gatekeepers and our neighbours. * This gate has fixed hours: * Must be left unlocked and open between 09:00 - 17:30. * __*Must be closed and locked between 17:30 and 09:00*__. * This gate __*should generally remain locked*__: * People should park outside + walk in. * If vehicle access is required for loading purposes the Gatekeeper should only open the gate for long enough to allow access. ### Pedestrian Gate * The pedestrian gate is built in to the _vehicle gate_. * It is secured by a combination padlock: * The combination is known _only_ by SparkCC Gatekeepers. * The combination is _not_ to be shared with SparkCC members or non-members. * The combination will be changed regularly and posted in `#gatekeepers` in the SparkCC [Slack](https://wiki.sparkcc.org/Places#slack). * This gate may be left unlocked + open: 1. As long as a Gatekeeper is present at the space. 2. Until __23:00__ after which time it __*must be closed + locked*__. ## Responsibilities * Volunteer to act as Gatekeeper at least once every 2 months. * On nominated days: 1. __Open SparkCC__ * Unlock *pedestrian gate*. * Open security shutter. * Turn on lights. 2. __Supervise SparkCC__ * Ensure [guidelines](/Guidelines) are being followed _at all times_. * Ensure members leave stations [clean](/Guidelines#cleaning). * Ensure that any visitors are: * Supervised. * Not using equipment. * Taken on a tour of the space. * Given a membership form (next to the printer in the [Clean Room](/Places#the-clean-room). 3. __Close SparkCC__ * Ensure [Laser Cutter](/Equipment#laser-cutter) is switched off: * Water chiller * Machine (top switch) * Laser (bottom switch) * Compressor * Ensure [CNC Router](/Equipment#routing-table) is switched off: * Power off at controller box * Ensure Electronics Bench equipment in the [Clean Room](/Places#the-clean-room) is switched off: * Soldering iron * Benchtop power supply * Ensure lights switched off: * Upstairs * Downstairs * [Clean Room](/Places#the-clean-room) * Ensure windows closed + locked: * Upstairs (both ends of the workshop) * [Clean Room](/Places#the-clean-room) * Lock building: * Ensure SparkCC is empty of people * Ensure roller door closed * Ensure front door closed + locked (it should deadlock but check by turning the handle) * Lock gates: * Vehicle gate * If neighbours are around the gate can remain open __but it is very important to be 100% sure__. * If neighbours are *not* around __close the gate and lock it with the chain + padlock__. * Pedestrian gate * Lock pedestrian gate